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A Drop of Derry Guildhall

Guildhall: Originally built in 1887 and neo gothic in style. The Guildhall clock was modelled on Big Ben in London.

Peace Bridge : A DRop of Derry

Peace bridge: A cycle and foot bridge opened in June 2011 to link both banks of the Foyle.

Golden Teapot : A Drop of Derry

Golden Teapot: Made in 1866 to advertise a grocers in Waterloo Place. It was taken down in 1969 and finally reinstalled at Fallers in 2013.

Roaring Meg : A Drop of Derry

Roaring Meg: A cannon cast in 1646 which was used during the Siege of Derry in 1689.

Hands across the Divide : A Drop of Derry

Hands across the Divide: A bronze sculpture symbolising the spirit of reconciliation and hope for the future.

Dove & Oak leaf mural : A Drop of Derry

Dove & Oak leaf mural: Mural by the Bogside artists symbolising St. Colmcille, “Dove of the church” and his links with Derry.

Book : A Drop of Derry

Book: For the literary arts, poetry and prose.

Comedy and Tragedy Masks : A Drop of Derry

Comedy and Tragedy Masks: Performing arts, theatre, drama and dance.

Dancing Pumps : A Drop of Derry

Dancing Pumps: Irish dancing and Feis.

Musical notes : A Drop of Derry

Musical notes: Representing singers, song writers and musicians.

City Walls : A Drop of Derry

City Walls: A map of the original city walls built during the period 1613-1619.

Oak leaf: A Drop of Derry

Oak leaf: Representing Derry or “Doire” which meant “Oakwood of Colmcille”.

Acorn : A Drop of Derry

Acorn: Representing the youth of Derry.

Harp : A Drop of Derry

Harp: The national emblem of Ireland used to represent N. Ireland in the royal coat of arms. Also on the Derry Coat of Arms.

Skeleton : A Drop of Derry

Skeleton: From Derry’s coat of arms.

Violin : A Drop of Derry

Violin: Representing traditional and classical music.

Clipper ship : A Drop of Derry

Clipper ship: Representing the maritime history of Derry and the Clipper Ship Festival in 2012.

Hurling stick : A Drop of Derry

Hurling stick: Hurling is an ancient gaelic game native to Ireland with prehistoric roots. It is still played in Derry today.

Soccer and Rugby balls : A Drop of Derry

Soccer and Rugby balls : A Drop of Derry

Soccer and Rugby balls: Both popular sports in Derry. They represent the huge part sports play in our cultural identity.

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