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Kryptos Collection

KryptosEach kryptos pendant can be engraved with a special message. You could choose a verse from a favourite song, lines from a poem or a prayer, maybe even a quote from a book, a movie or a play. Celebrate a special event such as a graduation, a new baby, a birthday or an anniversary or commemorate the loss of a loved one. It could be something totally absurd that means nothing to anybody else. It can be romantic, loving, ironic or as outrageous as you like.

Click HERE to view our collection of themed messages. You can select one which most reflects your sentiment or be inspired to create your own. Symbols can also be included.

Each pendant is further personalised by selecting a central disc that complements your message. Click HERE to view our collection.

Each pendant can be as individual as you are

kryptos kryptos kryptos kryptos

All silver (including chain) = £120
18ct yellow gold disc with silver band, bale and chain = £200
18ct yellow gold band with silver disc, bale and chain = £350
All 18ct yellow gold (including chain) = £630

All silver bangles = £100 plus engraving

Each pendant includes engraving (message or pattern) on one side free of charge.
The band can be engraved on four sides. The front, back and outside take approximately 70 characters and the inside surface takes approximately 60, including symbols and spaces. Engraving of each additional side is £15 extra at time of manufacture. If you wish to add engraving at a later date it costs £15 per side and an additional £20 charge for re-assembly.

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