Round Diamond Platinum Solitaire Ring 0.41ct

Round Diamond Solitaire

Diamond Details
Brilliant cut diamond 0.41ct, F, VS2

Metal: Platinum

Flush fit: yes

Finger Size: K 1/2

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Ring Design Details

The round brilliant cut single diamond is set with 4 claws and supported by a tapered band. We have designed this all platinum ring to fit flush with any straight wedding band. Currently K 1/2 finger size, we would be happy to resize this solitaire ring to fit a range of sizes free of charge. Please select your correct finger size.

This Faller diamond solitaire engagement ring is supplied with the diamond’s G.I.A. Diamond Dossier and a Faller Appraisal:- a detailed description of the ring and its value, along with photos of the ring.  It is packaged in our distinctive green Faller engagement ring box.

Diamond Details:

Certification: G.I.A. Diamond Dossier

Diamond Shape & Cut: Round Brilliant Cut

Diamond Weight: 0.41ct

Diamond Colour: F

Diamond Clarity: VS2

Cut Grade: Excellent

Polish Grade: Very Good

Symmetry Grade: Very Good

Sample G.I.A diamond dossier

Sample G.I.A diamond dossier

Note: We guarantee that all Faller diamonds are natural and mined from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with UN resolutions and we hereby guarantee that the diamonds are conflict-free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees.

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Ring size

H, H1/2, I, I1/2, J, J1/2, K, K1/2, L, L1/2, M, M1/2, N, N1/2, O, O1/2, P, P1/2, Q, Q1/2