Kryptos Pendant

The totally personalised pendant designed and made by Faller. Your unique message is inscribed on the outer ring.  Your message could be something totally absurd that means nothing to anybody else.  It can be romantic, loving, ironic or as outrageous as you like.

Here are some examples of our Kryptos pendants.  Each pendant is made especially for you. Read through the options to understand them fully.

  1. Choose the Metal – this kryptos pendant can be made in all sterling silver , silver combined with 18ct yellow or rose gold or all 18ct yellow gold.
  2. Choose a centre Disc that complements your sentiment.   There are over 80 to choose from.
  3. Choose your Message and indicate whether it is on the front or back face on the outer ring. Choose the symbol that starts and stops the message.
  4. You can add a 2nd message for an extra £15. Type in your message and indicate whether it is on the front or back face. Choose the symbols that start and stop the 2nd message.Follow the link beklow to see all the options…
Kryptos pendant details. . .


Each pendant can be made and collected or despatched on the same day or next day from when payment and order details are confirmed, (excluding Sundays). Contact us to help you place your order.

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