Tips On Sizing

Please be aware that this is only a guide. Visiting a local jewellery store and having your finger size measured will give you a fairly accurate idea but there is sometimes a finger size variance between different stores due to slight differences in measuring equipment and methods. Ideally call to our store in person for the most accurate size for a Faller ring.

The width of the ring and how curved the inside surface is, will also affect size accuracy. A comfort fit ring with a curved inside surface goes on easier so can be half a size smaller than a flatter profiled ring. A wider ring requires a bigger finger size than a narrower ring. Equally the number of rings on the finger has the same effect. An engagement ring may need to be sized up half a size when the wedding ring is also worn.

There is no one rule that fits all as fingers vary so much from person to person. If your fingers swell and shrink noticeably during a day the correct size needs to accommodate that. Warming your hands before sizing helps to allow for that.