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Each pendant is made specially for you

Have your unique message inscribed on a Kryptos pendant.  Your message could be something totally absurd that means nothing to anybody else.  It can be romantic, loving, ironic or as outrageous as you like.

Please read through all four steps to understand the options before you order

Step 1: Choose The Metal

A 45cm chain and engraving (message or pattern) on one side in included with all pendants.

Step 2: Pattern Or Not For The Front Face?

The outer ring part can be engraved on four sides. The front face can be engraved with a pattern, an inspirational quote or left plain if you prefer just a private message on the back face.  Engraving of each additional side is £15 extra at time of manufacture.  If you wish to add engraving at a later date it costs £15 per side and an additional £20 charge for re-assembly.

Step 3: Decide On Your Message

You could choose a verse from a favorite song, lines from a poem or a prayer, maybe even a quote from a book, a movie or a play.  Celebrate a special event such as a graduation, a new baby, a birthday or an anniversary or commemorate the loss of a loved one.  We have a selection of themed message ideas below.  Some can be personalised with names and dates.  You could select one which most reflects your sentiment or be inspired to create your own.

The front, back and outside faces take up to approximately 70 characters ( letters, spaces, punctuation marks and symbols) .  The inside surface takes approximately 60.  Some characters take up more space than others.  If your message is a couple of letters too long or too short we can usually adjust for it.

Layout options include:

  • Full message – ( we use a symbol to signify the start and end )
  • Split message – ( symbols can separate sections )
  • Split message, rotate to read – ( each element is separated by symbols )
  • Short message – ( can be started and finished with a symbol )
Symbol Options

Step 4: Choose A Disc To Compliment Your Message

All discs can be made in sterling silver, 18ct yellow gold or 18ct rose gold

K089 – Marigold2018-08-30T11:59:31+01:00
K088 – Rose2018-08-30T11:58:33+01:00
K087 – butterfly2018-08-30T11:57:44+01:00
K086 – Snowflake2018-08-30T11:56:50+01:00
K084 – Flower2018-08-30T11:55:03+01:00
K083 – Claddagh2018-08-30T11:54:35+01:00
K082 – Ladybird2018-08-30T11:54:16+01:00
K081- Rose2018-08-30T11:53:53+01:00
K080 – Dove2018-08-30T14:19:03+01:00
K079 – Triquetra2018-08-30T11:21:53+01:00
K078 – Triskelion2018-08-30T11:21:30+01:00
K074 – Eternal2018-08-30T14:19:15+01:00
K073 – Cross2018-08-30T14:19:55+01:00
K072 – Love2018-08-30T14:19:49+01:00
K070 – Hearts2018-08-30T14:20:11+01:00
K069 – Praying Hands2018-08-30T12:05:39+01:00
K068 – Mary2018-08-30T12:05:47+01:00
K067 – Floral 22018-08-30T14:20:20+01:00
K066 – Floral 12018-08-30T14:20:26+01:00
K065 – Heart2018-08-30T14:20:36+01:00
K064 – Owl2018-08-30T11:13:37+01:00
K063 – Butterfly2018-08-30T11:13:12+01:00
K062 – Dragonfly2018-08-30T11:12:47+01:00
K061 – Frog2018-08-30T11:12:21+01:00
K059- Mother & baby2018-08-30T10:15:12+01:00
K057 – Angel2018-08-30T14:20:54+01:00
K056 – Angel2018-08-30T14:21:00+01:00
K053 – Om2018-08-30T12:03:21+01:00
K051 – Tree of Life2018-08-30T10:10:33+01:00
K049 – Flower2018-08-30T10:09:41+01:00
K047 – Soulmate2018-08-30T12:10:51+01:00
K046- Love You2018-08-30T12:10:58+01:00
K045 – True Love2018-08-30T12:11:04+01:00
K044 – It’s Love2018-08-30T12:11:09+01:00
K043 – Forever2018-08-30T12:11:17+01:00
K042 – Bodan2018-08-30T12:11:22+01:00
K041 – Clonca 32018-08-30T12:11:27+01:00
K040 – Clonca 22018-08-30T12:11:33+01:00
K039 – Clonca hearts2018-08-30T12:11:39+01:00
K038 – A2018-08-30T09:49:26+01:00
K037 – B2018-08-30T09:49:08+01:00
K036 – C2018-08-30T09:48:51+01:00
K035 – D2018-08-30T09:48:34+01:00
K034 – E2018-08-30T09:48:13+01:00
K033 – F2018-08-30T09:47:53+01:00
K032 – G2018-08-30T09:47:33+01:00
K031 – H2018-08-30T09:47:03+01:00
K030 – I2018-08-30T09:46:46+01:00
K029 – J2018-08-30T09:45:39+01:00
K028 – K2018-08-30T09:45:20+01:00
K027 – L2018-08-30T09:44:59+01:00
K026 – M2018-08-30T09:44:38+01:00
K025 – N2018-08-30T09:44:05+01:00
K024 – O2018-08-30T09:43:35+01:00
K023 – P2018-08-30T09:43:13+01:00
K022 – Q2018-08-30T09:42:50+01:00
K021 – R2018-08-30T09:42:27+01:00
K020 – S2018-08-30T09:40:07+01:00
K019 – T2018-08-30T09:39:49+01:00
K018 – U2018-08-30T09:39:30+01:00
K017- V2018-08-30T09:39:10+01:00
K016 – W2018-08-30T09:38:50+01:00
K015 – X2018-08-30T09:38:29+01:00
K014 – Y2018-08-30T09:46:11+01:00
K013 – Z2018-08-30T09:37:15+01:00
K012 – Aries2018-08-30T09:36:05+01:00
K011- Taurus2018-08-30T09:35:37+01:00
K010 – Gemini2018-08-30T09:33:56+01:00
K009 – Cancer2018-08-30T09:33:25+01:00
K008 – Leo2018-08-30T09:33:05+01:00
K007 – Virgo2018-08-30T09:32:46+01:00
K006 – Libra2018-08-30T09:31:56+01:00
K005 – Scorpio2018-08-30T09:31:17+01:00
K004 – Sagittarius2018-08-30T09:29:42+01:00
K003 – Capricorn2018-08-30T09:28:54+01:00
K002 – Aquarius2018-08-30T09:28:23+01:00
K001 – Pisces2018-08-30T09:27:34+01:00

Here are some examples we’ve made

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