Ardmore Rock Art Pendant (Small)

Metal: Sterling silver

Pendant Size: 37mm high including rings, 9mm wide, 2.4mm thick.

Ref: 4016094


  • Description

    This solid sterling silver textured pendant from our Ardmore Gallan Rock Art collection is designed and made by Faller. The pendant is inscribed on the back:

    Prehistoric Rock Art
    Cup & Ring carving taken from the Ardmore Gallan Stone, Co. Donegal.

    It is usually supplied with a 45cm long sterling silver medium-weight cable chain but other chain lengths are possible. The necklace is packaged in our Faller pendant box with our informative leaflet about Prehistoric Rock Art.

    Ardmore Gallán Standing Stone, Muff, Co. Donegal, petroglyphs, prehistoric rock carving, neolithic art

    Ardmore Gallán Standing Stone. Photo by Adam Rory Porter

    About Prehistoric Rock Art

    This jewellery collection is inspired by the ancient Neolithic to early Bronze age carvings still visible today on natural rock outcrops and standing stones in the open landscape. Concave depressions or hollows, sometimes with concentric rings and other grooves were laboriously pecked into the natural rock surface with stone and later bronze tools. This style of rock art, known as Cup & Ring Art is found in specific locations along the Atlantic seaboard stretching from Scandinavia to Greece.

    The Ardmore Gallan Rock Art collection is derived from the carvings on the Ardmore Gallán Standing Stone, located near Muff village in Co. Donegal. This unique standing stone overlooking the River Foyle dates from 2,500 BC. It is 2.1 metres tall and 0.9 metres in width and depth. Forty cup marks, about half of which are encircled by one, two or three rings are carved into it.