Bodan Cross, Clonca Pendant (Small)

Bodan Cross Pendant (Small)

Metal: Sterling Silver or 18ct Yellow Gold

Size: 31mm high by 12mm wide (38mm high including top rings)

Sterling Silver Pendant Ref: 4030061
18ct Yellow Gold Pendant Ref: 3208011



Bodan, Clonca, Donegal, Irish high cross, Inishowen, celtic, ancient, monastery, St, Boden's, St. Boudan, Culdaff, heritage, historical, 10th century, intricate carving, miracle of the loaves and fishes, Christian, inter-lace, plait, St. Paul and St. Anthony in the desert

Pendant Details

For our version of the Bodan Cross, we have taken inspiration from the west face of the Cross. Rather than leaving the missing parts blank we have mirrored the maze pattern of the right arm onto the left arm. We have transposed the panel identified as the Miracle of the Loaves from the east face of the Cross on to the top arm and have extrapolated from the remnants of the central pattern a circular Celtic ribbon plait. We have also removed the lower section which is plain in the actual cross.

The sterling silver pendant is 1.9mm thick and comes with a sterling silver fine weight cable chain in various lengths. The 18ct yellow gold pendant is 1.5mm thick and can be supplied with or without a fine weight 18ct yellow gold cable chain in various lengths.  This pendant is also available in a larger size. Each pendant is packaged in our exclusive High Crosses of Inishowen gift box with our informative leaflet describing the history of all the Crosses in the collection.

About the Bodan Cross

The 10th century St. Bodan’s Cross is located in Clonca, Inishowen, Co. Donegal and stands 4 metres tall. It is carved in the distinctive manner of hybrid art produced by the Christian Celtic tradition and the carvings are both beautiful and intriguing.

The figurative panel in the centre of the west face contains two figures sitting side by side. The figures are believed to represent St. Paul and St. Anthony in the desert and above them the lions that dug St. Paul’s grave. The rest the cross is entirely covered in abstract ornament – well-carved interlacing frets patterns and one unusual panel of spirals with animal head terminals. On the only surviving arm a maze pattern fills the west face while an Oran’s figure (medieval praying figure) is depicted on the east face. Unfortunately, the cross is incomplete. The missing arms were replaced with plain concrete in the 1980s.

Additional information


Silver, 18ct Yellow Gold

Chain length

No chain, 42cm chain (16 3/4 inches), 45cm chain (18 inches), 50cm chain (20 inches), 55cm chain (22 inches)

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