Golden Teapot Pendant

Golden Teapot

Metal:  18ct yellow gold

Pendant Size:

Ref: 1401094



Pendant Details

This solid 18ct yellow gold quirky replica Teapot pendant is designed and made by Faller. It comes complete with an 18ct yellow gold chain in various lengths. The pendant is packaged in its branded Faller box with a leaflet explaining the history of the Golden Teapot Trade Sign.

Teapot Trade Sign  Details

The Golden Teapot was established as an icon of Derry’s historic past when it sustained 2 bullet holes in a civil disturbance in the 1920s during the turbulent times of the partition of Ireland. Presiding over Waterloo Place when the first motor car was driven through the streets of Derry and witnessing the change from gas lighting to electricity, it has seen many dramatic changes to the city.

In 1866 it was created to advertise John Parkhill’s new grocery business in Waterloo Place. Ownership of the grocery business changed to Holmes and Mullin in 1885 and then to McCullagh’s in 1912 during that period. It hung proudly above the grocers for over one hundred years until the store was demolished to make way for the new Savings Bank in 1963. The Teapot was relocated to McCullagh’s other branch in 55 Clooney Terrace. It was taken down from Clooney Terrace in 1969 when McCullagh’s closed and Noel Faller bought it from Mrs Jean McCullagh in 1974.

To mark the 130th year since the first Faller shop was opened in Derry city, on the 20th of January 2013, Faller installed the Golden Teapot on the façade of our premises at 12 Strand, round the corner from its original location.

With the steam spouting from the teapot on the hour every daylight hour, the teapot should capture the imagination of all who see it.

Additional information

Chain Length

40cm, 42cm, 45cm


18ct Yellow Gold

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