Kryptos Silver & 18ct Yellow Gold Pendant

Metal: Sterling silver & 18ct yellow gold

Pendant Size: 27.5mm high by 22mm wide

Ref: 6813001

The pendants pictured are only examples. Other central disc options are also possible. Each pendant is totally personalised and made to order. Read the detailed description before ordering.


Product Options
Chain Options (18ct Yellow)
Chain Options (18ct Rose)
Chain Options (18ct White)
Front Face - Add Layout no. in brackets. Then add your wording (up to 75 characters). Use brackets to signify symbols Eg: (A) (C)
Back Face - Add Layout no. in brackets. Then add your wording (up to 75 characters). Use brackets to signify symbols Eg: (A) (C)
  • Description

    This Kryptos pendant has a sterling silver polished outer ring with bale and an solid 18ct yellow gold central disc. The pendant is supplied with a 45cm long sterling silver fine-weight anchor chain. Designed and made by Faller, the necklace is packaged in our Kryptos pendant gift box.

    How to order

    1. Choose the disc design. View our central disc design options and choose one which most complements your message. View all the discs HERE. Add the disc code to your order. If you wish to choose a letter of the alphabet or one of the star signs please add the specific disc code to the checkout notes.

    2. Decide on your messages or messages. Each message can be up to 75 characters which includes letters, spaces, punctuation marks and symbols. Some characters take up more space than others. If your message is a couple of letters too long or too short we can usually adjust for it. Have one message on the front of the outer ring or leave blank and engrave the back instead. Or engrave both, an inspirational message on the front and a more personal message on the back. View our message examples to inspire you. MESSAGE IDEAS

    3. Choose each message layout and symbols. When adding your text to our order put the layout code in brackets at the beginning. Eg: (L4) for split message – rotate to read. Symbols can be used more than once on shorter messages. Put the symbol letter in brackets. Eg: (B) for butterfly where you want it in the text.

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    L1 – full message – (we use a symbol to signify the start and end)

    L2 – short message – (can be started and finished with a symbol)

    L3 – split message – (symbols can separate sections)

    L4 – split message, rotate to read – (each element is separated by symbols)


    Examples of wording:


    Errors in wording can be adjusted after purchase. When we receive your order we will verify your choices and text content by email before we create the pendant. Once confirmed we cannot make changes so please check name spelling etc before you confirm. If you have any queries contact us at [email protected] or by phone: 0044 (28) 71362710.