Marigold Maze Pendant

Metal: 18ct yellow gold

Size: 36 x 15.8mm

Ref: 1401098

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  • Description

    This 18ct yellow gold pendant is made in two curving layers, attached to each other top, and bottom. The lower half is textured and the upper half is polished and deeply engraved with a maze pattern. The pendant is available with or without an 18ct yellow gold chain in various lengths. It is packaged in its branded Faller gift box which also contains our Marigold Stone descriptive leaflet.

    About the Maze Pattern

    The Maze or Greek Key pattern is believed to originate in the Eastern Mediterranean but it has also been found on Egyptian tombs, ancient Chinese buildings and sculptures, and Mayan carvings. The motif is made up of a long, continuous line that repeatedly folds back on itself and symbolizes infinity or the eternal flow of things.

    This particular design is derived from the west face of the Marigold stone, an unusual early medieval pillar stone in Carndonagh, Co. Donegal. Why rural Donegal? Well during the early middle ages, Irish monastic schools were celebrated throughout Europe for their teaching and students came from all over the continent to study not only biblical subjects but also classical Greek and Roman literature so it is not so surprising that this Greek key or Maze pattern can be found in carvings of the time.