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Mura Cross lapel Pin

Metal: Sterling Silver

Lapel pin Size: 19mm high by 10.5mm wide

Ref: 4036003


  • Description

    Sterling silver lapel pin, complete with a metal retaining clasp.  The Celtic cross design is derived from the east face of the Mura Cross Slab found in the graveyard near Fahan, Inishowen, Co. Donegal, Ireland. It is packaged in our exclusive High Crosses of Inishowen gift box with our informative leaflet describing the history of all the Crosses in the collection.

    About the Mura Cross, Fahan

    The 7th century Cross Slab known as the Mura Cross is said to mark St. Mura’s resting place. It measures 1.98 metres high. The east face features intertwined ribbon knotwork representing a version of the Tree of Life. With its roots on the earth and its branches high in the air it represented the connection between heaven and earth. The seasonal cycles of the tree link it with growth, death, and rebirth. Formed in the shape of a cross it blends Celtic and Christian symbolism.