Twigs Torc Bangle (Men's)

Metal: Sterling silver

Wrist Size Options: Small, Medium and Large.

Ref: 4028456


  • Description

    The flat torc bangle is made in solid sterling silver and features an abstract twig pattern across the top surface. It has a rectangular cross-section, 6.2mm wide by 3.2mm thick. The flat torc ends are curved to make it easier to slide on to the wrist.

    The bangle is available in three wrist sizes: Small, Medium and Large. To help you judge the correct fit for you, the wrist circumference is listed with each size. The gap in each torc bangle can be squeezed narrower or widened slightly to adjust the fit more accurately to your wrist.

    Each bangle is packaged in our green Faller Jewellery gift box.