Ogham Stick Pendant

Metal: sterling silver

Size: 38mm long

Ref: 4015906


  • Description

    Ogham words, irish inscriptions

    The twelve Faller Ogham inscriptions

    These solid sterling silver pendants are designed to resemble oak twigs. We have created twelve inspirational message pendants. Each positive word or message has been translated from English into Irish and then inscribed in Ogham, an ancient Irish method of writing. A Faller Ogham stick pendant makes a truly memorable gift for a friend or loved one.

    Please select your preferred message and chain length. chain length options. The necklace is packaged in our Ogham branded box with our unique descriptive leaflet.

    Ogham (pronounced ‘oh-am’) is an ancient method of writing, believed to have originated in Ireland within the 1st century BC. The earliest Ogham inscriptions still in existence were carved in stone and date from the 4th century. Ogham is also believed to have been widely used on wood for record-keeping or relaying short messages. Inscriptions carved in wood were easily made and very portable. They were sometimes cryptic in nature and believed by some to have magical properties.

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