D'arcy Golden Rutile Pendant

Gemstone Details:
Round cabochon cut golden rutilated quartz

Metal: Sterling silver

Sample image only – Each stone is unique in its pattern of needle-like rutile inclusions.

Ref: 4016060


  • Description

    This D’arcy pendant features a round cabochon cut golden rutilated quartz. The quartz gemstone is part rim set with a flat split bale. This sterling silver pendant is available with a sterling silver fine weight anchor chain in 42cm, 45cm and 50cm lengths. The anchor chain has a bright sparkly diamond-cut design that complements the gem. It is packaged in our D’arcy branded green Faller pendant box. A beautiful Christmas or birthday gift.

    About Golden Rutile Quartz

    Golden rutilated Quartz is a transparent, colourless quartz with golden yellow rutile needle-like inclusions. The rutile inclusions range from thin, sparse, and parallel, to thick, dense, and crisscrossed. Each gemstone is unique in its pattern of rutile inclusions