Name & Fingerprint Pendant

Metal: Sterling silver

Pendant Size: 42mm high including rings, 9.5mm wide, 2.4mm thick.

Please confirm inscription content in advance as any personalised items cannot be returned or refunded.

Ref: 4016084


  • Description

    Sterling silver pendant with a fingerprint and handwritten name engraved on the front complete with a sterling silver medium weight anchor chain which is available in various lengths.

    This pendant makes a truly unique gift for a father, husband or partner. We use the latest laser engraving technology to produce stunning results that will last a lifetime. To create the finger or thumbprint simply call in to our shop where you press your finger onto our ink-print pad and then onto a white piece of paper. This print is then used for your engraving. The handwriting must be in black ink on white paper, or simplest of all, written on our tablet with a stylus.

    As the perfect finishing touch have your personal message engraved on the back of this pendant for £15 extra.