Trinity Knot Cufflinks

Metal: Sterling silver

Cufflink Size: 16.5mm high (curve to point) by 1.9mm thick

Ref: 4045183


  • Description

    Sterling silver trilliant shape cufflinks with hinged fittings. The encircled trinity knot pattern is framed by a single line border. This motif is most often used romantically. The triple knot symbolises a shared past, present and future and the circle symbolises enduring love and commitment making these cufflinks an ideal anniversary gift for the man in your life. These cufflinks are packaged in our green Faller gift box

    More About The Encircled Trinity Knot

    The trinity knot or triquetra has also been used to represent many different themes. To the ancient Celts, the three points represented the natural elements of earth, air, and water. On a spiritual level, it has also been thought to symbolize life, death, and rebirth. The circle emphasises the unity of the whole. Christians believe the trinity knot represents God the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit and the circle represents eternal life.