West Cross, Clonca Pendant (Small)

Bodan, Clonca, Donegal, Irish high cross, Inishowen, celtic, ancient, monastery, St, Boden's, St. Boudan, Culdaff, heritage, historical, 12th century wheeled cross, intricate carving, Christian, partial cross, broken arms

West Cross, Clonca

This celtic cross design combines patterns from both faces of the broken cross at Clonca, Inishowen, Co.Donegal.  Click on the cross image to learn more about this unique celtic cross…

Our small West Clonca Cross is 24mm high by 12.5mm wide (30mm high including top rings).  The sterling silver pendant is 1.9mm thick and comes with a sterling silver fine weight cable chain in various lengths.  The 18ct yellow gold pendant is 1.5mm thick and can be supplied with or without a fine weight 18ct yellow gold cable chain in various lengths.  This pendant is also available in a larger size.

Each pendant is packaged in our exclusive High Crosses of Inishowen gift box with our informative leaflet describing the history of all the Crosses in the collection.

Sterling Silver Pendant Ref: 4030054
18ct Yellow Gold Pendant Ref: 3208010