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Eleventh Wedding Anniversary

11th Anniversary Gifts: Citrine or Turquoise

The eleventh anniversary is traditionally known as the Steel Anniversary. Steel represents the strength and permanence of your love and commitment. The cords binding your marriage together cannot be easily broken. The symbolic colours for this anniversary are yellow and turquoise and match the gemstones which are Citrine and Turquoise.

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Citrine is an attractive and affordable eleventh wedding anniversary. Associated with optimism, happiness, and prosperity, citrine jewellery makes a wonderful gift option to celebrate your life together. View our Citrine Guide to learn more about this yellow gem.

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Yellow Zircon

Zircon occurs in a range of colours but yellow zircon in particular is associated with this anniversary. Due to its hardness, durability and chemical inertness, Zircon persists where other stones are worn away. As such zircon jewellery a fitting choice to represent eleven years of married life. View our Zircon Guide to learn more about this brilliant gem.


Turquoise jewellery is a wonderful way to celebrate the life you’ve created together as it symbolises a prosperous and healthy future. Dating back to 4,000 BCE, turquoise is one of the 1st gems used in jewellery. The colour turquoise is named after this gem. Turquoise is a blue/ green mainly opaque gem. Like Lapis lazuli it doesn’t have a crystalline structure so gems are usually cut as cabochons. As it’s one of the softer gemstones, it is often carved into ornamental objects and used for inlay.