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Fourth Wedding Anniversary

4th Anniversary Gifts: Blue Topaz & Blue Zircon

This anniversary is associated with linen and silk and also fruit & flowers. It is symbolised by the colours blue or green.

facts about topaz gemstone, blue, yellow gem

Blue Topaz

Topaz jewellery makes the perfect gift to celebrate a harmonious marriage. Blue Topaz has been always associated with love and loyalty and is also known as the stone of prosperity and good health. The Greeks thought that topaz gave strength and Europeans believed it could thwart magic spells and promote serenity. Topaz is very affordable and available in a wide range of jewellery styles. View our Topaz Guide to learn more about this popular gem.

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Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon is the alternate gem for with the fourth wedding anniversary. Blue Zircons are one of the most sought after blue gems due to their vivid shades and stunning sparkle and shine. Like blue topaz, blue zircon also symbolises love, luck, happiness and prosperity making it a perfect anniversary gift.

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