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Twelth Wedding Anniversary

12th Anniversary Gifts: Opal or Jade

The Silk anniversary represents the strength and flexibility of your marriage. The colour synonymous with the 12th wedding anniversary is Oyster White. One of the symbolic gemstones for this anniversary is jade, regarded as a symbol of good and beauty. The other is opal, a stone when worn close to the skin is believed to reflect your emotions.

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Bedouins thought that opal fell from the sky during thunderstorms and Romans believed opal symbolized love and hope so opal is a beautiful option to celebrate a twelfth wedding anniversary. Opal is loved for its enchanting kaleidoscopic effect, displaying different colours which change with movement. View our Opal Guide to learn more about this multicoloured gemstone.
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Jade is the 12th wedding anniversary gemstone. Known as the “stone of heaven” it is actually two different gem materials, jadeite and nephrite. Jadeite is rarer than nephrite and the best jadeite is semi-transparent and has a smooth texture. Mayans and the Aztecs prized jadeite and Chinese cultures valued nephrite for centuries.