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Eighteenth Wedding Anniversary

18th Anniversary Gifts: Aquamarine or Chrysoberyl

The Porcelain Anniversary is associated with Aquamarine and Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl. In Chinese tradition 18 is an extremely lucky number, traditionally meaning that you are going to prosper.

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Aquamarine, the Latin for seawater is the name given to this light greenish-blue gem from the beryl family. Legend has it that it brings happiness to marriage and calms stormy waters – so it’s an appropriate gift for an eighteenth wedding anniversary. View our Aquamarine Guide to learn more about this blue gem.

Aquamarine Guide


Chrysoberyl displays a cat’s eye effect, called chatoyancy (shah-toh-yen-cee): when light reflects off the gem’s surface needle-like inclusions cause a band of light to appear. Rotate the gem between two light sources and the band will split in two, move apart and then merge – just like a cat blinking its eyes. Fine quality cat’s-eye chrysoberyl should have a band that runs the length of the cabochon (a cutting style that produces a gem with a smooth round dome, without any facets). Cat’s eye chrysoberyl can also have the “milk and honey” effect – the side nearest to the light remains the original bodycolor, while the other side displays a milky appearance. Cat’s-eye chrysoberyl comes in a range of colours: yellow, yellowish-green, greyish green, brown and brownish-yellow. A semi-transparent golden yellow to slightly greenish-yellow or brownish-yellow are the preferred colours.