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Nineteenth Wedding Anniversary

19th Anniversary Gifts: Garnet or Aquamarine

The traditional gift for the Nineteenth Wedding Anniversary is bronze which represented the resilience of your relationship after nearly two decades together. With children possibly grown up and leaving home, you may be entering a time when you are likely to have more time for each other and your shared interests. Garnet and Aquamarine are the gemstones associated with this anniversary.

garnet gem, purple, loose gemstone, unset stone, kite shape, faceted


Garnet is a stone symbolising romance, love and passion. While most associate garnet with red it actually occurs in a wide range of colours, including pink, purple, orange, yellow, and green. Garnets are very affordable and used in all types of jewellery, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. Garnets attracted the pharaohs of Egypt and the czars of Russia, and Peter Carl Fabergé used them in some of his famous Easter Eggs. View our Garnet Guide to learn more about the family of garnets and their characteristics.

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aquamarine gem, blue, loose gemstone, unset stone, trilliant shape, faceted


If you didn’t choose to give aquamarine as an 18th wedding anniversary gift you have another chance with the 19th anniversary. Aquamarine, the Latin for seawater is the name given to this light greenish-blue gem from the beryl family. Legend has it that it brings happiness to marriage and calms stormy waters – so it’s an appropriate gift for a nineteenth wedding anniversary. View our Aquamarine Guide to learn more about this blue gem.

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