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Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary

25th Anniversary Gifts (Silver Jubliee): Green Garnet or Silver Jewellery

Your Silver Wedding Anniversary is a momentous and joyous celebration. After a quarter-century together, your relationship is a shining example of love and commitment. Celebrate this impressive milestone with jewellery set in silver or another white metal.

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Silver Jewellery

Ancient civilizations believed silver jewellery brought good fortune and it also had healing powers and warded off evil spirits. Silver jewellery works with just about any personal style and fashion, for special occasions or everyday wear. When cared for properly, quality silver jewellery items can last for a very long time and be handed down to future generations. If you are looking for a special anniversary gift, view our unique silver jewellery collections.

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Oval Cut Tsavorite Garnet 1.22ct

Green Carnet

The gem for the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary is Green Garnet and Tsavorite garnet is the most popular green garnet with its amazing brilliance and vivid hue. Garnets attracted the pharaohs of Egypt and the czars of Russia, and Peter Carl Fabergé used them in some of his famous Easter Eggs. View our Garnet Guide to learn more about the family of garnets and their characteristics.

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