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Choosing The Ring

Engagement Rings: Where do you start?

Symbolising your love and commitment, this ring needs to stand the test of time, both in terms of quality and durability.  As this is probably the most important and expensive jewellery purchase of your life it’s worth taking the time to learn the range of options possible and how to work out which style will be most complimentary.

Most women have some idea of what they like but if she hasn’t made it easy for you by already voicing an opinion on the subject and you still want to suprize her, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Know What You Want To Spend

With the infinite range of styles possible have a price range in mind.  At Faller we can help you select the perfect ring to fit your budget.

Personal Taste

You’ll want to choose a ring that suits her fashion taste and personal style.  Is it classic and understated, bold and colourful, or somewhere in-between?  Look at the jewellery she already wears and the rings she looks at when you’re out together.  Does she prefer delicate fine jewellery or more chunky styles?  Take some phone shots of her jewellery so that you remember what she likes.

Compliment The Hands

Hand size and proportion and whether fingers are long or short, narrow or tapered will all influence which diamond shape and ring style is most complimentary.  Solitaires can suit smaller hands and halo clusters and trilogies can suit larger hands.  Long fingers can suit longer diamond shapes.  Fingers with puffiness suit higher settings and bands.

Metal Preference

Does she predominantly wear warm yellow gold as it compliments her skin tone or is she partial to cool silver, white gold, or platinum?  Rose gold suits paler complexions while yellow gold compliments olive and darker skin tones.

At Faller we offer rings in platinum and 18ct rose or yellow gold.  We use 18ct gold in our engagement rings as lower carat gold is inclined to tarnish due to the high silver content in the alloy and also does not have the same rich colour.  Platinum while initially more expensive, has many qualities which make it the superior choice.  It is the rarest, purist precious metal used in jewellery.  Faller platinum jewellery is 950- 95% pure.   Platinum is hypoallergenic and cannot tarnish.  Its cool lustrous white hue perfectly enhances any diamond and unlike white gold it doesn’t need plating to enhance its colour.  It is stronger and denser than gold, making it the best candidate for diamond settings.  White gold can be more brittle so there is an increased chance of claws breaking when it is used for settings.

Ring Size

If she wears rings, borrow one she already owns.  The width of the ring and how curved the inside surface is will affect size accuracy.  A wider ring requires a bigger finger size than a narrower ring.  A comfort fit ring with a curved inside surface goes on easier so can be half a size smaller than a flatter profiled ring.  If you can’t bring it with you trace the inner circle on a piece of paper or  slide it down one of your own fingers and draw a line where it stops and we can identify the approximate ring size.  Remember which finger she wears it on as each finger size is different.  It’s always better to buy a ring a bit bigger if your not sure as sizing a ring down is much easier than increasing its size.

Allow For The Wedding Band

Remember to consider the wedding band and how it will look with the engagement ring.  Whether or not she will prefer diamonds in the wedding band can influence the style of the engagement ring.  Most women also prefer rings that sit flush with a straight wedding band.  Check that the style allows for this.

Diamond Sparkle

If she’s a traditionalist she may love the classic, round brilliant diamond shape. If her style is more individualistic, fancy cut diamonds might be a better option. If she prefers straight lines to curves would it be the understated elegance of an emerald cut or the brilliance of a radiant cut that most reflects her personality? View our Diamond Guide to learn more about the range of diamond shapes available and their characteristics.

Many of our engagement rings are custom made for our clients and we don’t charge extra for this service. At Faller, all our diamonds are ethically sourced from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with UN resolutions. We hereby guarantee that the diamonds are conflict free based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees.

The Gemstone Alternative

Does she wish to make a statement with a vivid splash of colour? Faller have the most extensive range of gorgeous gemstone engagement rings in Ireland. We have have vibrant ruby, stunning aquamarine, pretty pink morganite and vivacious emerald to name a few. Not only the hardest and most durable of all coloured gemstones, sapphire’s range of gorgeous hues also make it the perfect choice for an engagement ring. View our Gemstone Guide to learn more about these gems.

Check out our extensive range of gemstone rings designed to fit beautifully with a wedding band. If you can’t find the prefect ring we can custom make the ring you desire.

The Setting

The setting can have a huge impact on the ring’s appearance. For example, the same round diamond can look quite different depending on the type of setting used.

Claw Settings

Claw or prong settings allow the diamond to catch the most light. Claws can vary from two to eight on a single round stone setting but four claws and six claws are most popular. Less claws mean more of the diamond edge is visible and make the diamond is easier to clean. With four claws they need to be slightly heavier than the six claw version to be able to give the same support and security. The amount and arrangement of claws can effect the perceived diamond shape.

Rim Settings

A rim or bezel setting has a rim of metal pushed over the edge of the stone. This setting style offers maximum security to the diamond.  Faithfully following the diamond outline is a very effective option for fancy diamond shapes as it emphasizes their unusual shape. Rim settings are also less likely to snag on clothing and when white metal is used it can make the diamond look bigger. Part-rim or semi-rim settings can be an effective compromise between maximising light, seeing the diamond, and practicality. Illusion-rim settings change the apparent outline of the diamond and make it appear bigger.


Consider her lifestyle, and how well a certain setting will fit into it.  If she’s more active a lower profile suits better, maybe rim or semi-rim settings are more practical.  If she’s more of a glamour girl, look for claw settings, with a higher stone profile and more intricate ring detailing with diamonds in the band.

With A Little Help From Her Friends

She may have expressed her ring preferences to a friend or sister. Providing they can keep a secret sometimes friends of family can be great help with advice or discreetly finding out the correct size without her finding out.

Involve Her In The Choice

Today, many couples prefer to shop together for an engagement ring and the best way to judge a ring is always for her to try it on.

Consider designing the ring together instead of selecting from existing stock.  Having a ring specially made means it uniquely suits her style and personality and the process creates memories to be treasured.  At Faller we do not charge for our design service.  Faller retain all design rights.



The Safe Bet

If you’re uncertain about her preferences  stick to the classics which appeal to most people most of the time. A solitaire diamond engagement ring is still the most popular choice and extra sparkle can always be added with a diamond wedding band. Remember she will be wearing this ring the rest of her life so a simple elegant design that won’t date is always a safe bet.
If you have purchased a ring from our stock and it isn’t to your fiancee’s taste it can be returned with 14 days free of charge as long as it’s in shop condition.

Still Not Sure Which Way To Go?

Buy an unset diamond.  If you choose the diamond first and have the setting made later, you can include her in selecting the style and final details of the ring (always a good idea) and avoid the awkwardness of choosing a ring that’s more to your taste than hers.