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Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary

14th Anniversary Gifts: Opal or Gold Jewellery

The fourteenth wedding anniversary is known as the Ivory Anniversary. Ivory signifies the integrity and fidelity of a marriage relationship, and the abiding loyalty and devotion shared by two people. It is associated with the gemstone Opal and gold jewellery.

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Bedouins thought that opal fell from the sky during thunderstorms and Romans believed opal symbolized love and hope. Opal is loved for its enchanting kaleidoscopic effect, displaying different colours which change with movement. If you give an opal pendant to celebrate a twelfth wedding anniversary now is the perfect time to add a matching opal ring. View our Opal Guide to learn more about this multicoloured gemstone.

Opal Guide View Our Opal Jewellery

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Gold Jewellery

Symbolising the sun and the power of life to our ancestors, gold has been used in decorative objects since 4000 B.C. Faller has lots of 18ct gold jewellery to suit all, with or without diamonds or gems. If you’re not a fan of yellow gold, don’t forget about white gold and rose gold.

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