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Thirteenth Wedding Anniversary

13th Anniversary Gifts: Citrine or Moonstone

Popularly known as the Lace Anniversary it symbolises the good luck that has helped you enjoy 13 wonderful years together – with many more to come. The thirteenth anniversary gems are Citrine and Moonstone.

fact about citrine gem, yellow orange, loose gemstone, unset stone, square shape, faceted


Citrine is associated with optimism, happiness, and prosperity so it’s the perfect gift to celebrate your life together. It was popular in Ancient Greece and loved by Queen Victoria. If you missed gifting citrine jewellery for the eleventh anniversary you have another opportunity now. View our Citrine Guide to learn more about this vivid yellow gem.

Citrine Guide View Our Citrine Jewellery

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Moonstone has been used in jewellery for millennia. Both Romans and Greeks associated moonstone with their lunar deities, believing moonstone was derived from solidified rays of the moon. Moonstone’s otherworldly iridescence suited the aesthetics of the Art Nouveau period and it was a frequently used gem in jewellery created by artists such as the French goldsmith René Lalique. If you skipped the third anniversary option now you have another excuse to gift this beautiful gem. View our Moonstone Guide to learn more.

Moonstone Guide View Our Moonstone Jewellery