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Twentieth Wedding Anniversary

20th Anniversary Gifts: Platinum, Emerald or Yellow Diamond.

Congratulations on this amazing personal milestone, popularly known as the China Anniversary. China can be fragile but will last a lifetime if cared for. It is a reminder not to take your marriage for granted, and to continue nurturing it so your love will flourish. Modern anniversary gifting gives you three exciting options to choose to celebrate two decades of wedded bliss.

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Platinum is the perfect metal to symbolise two decades of a strong, stable marriage. Platinum is a precious, durable, stable, silvery-white metal that is ten times rarer than gold. It has been a jewellery favorite since the ancient Egyptians and Mayans. If you haven’t already given an eternity ring, this is a perfect moment to express your everlasting love. Or why not recreate your marriage proposal and offer your beloved an updated engagement ring!

Platinum Eternity Rings Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings Platinum Gemstone Rings

Emerald gemstone, green gem


Called the “Stone of Successful Love,” emerald embodies unity, compassion, and unconditional love making it a perfect gift for couples celebrating two decades of married life! View our Emerald Guide to learn more about this stunning green gem.

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natural yellow diamond

Yellow Diamond

Yellow Diamond Jewellery are an alternative 20th wedding anniversary gift option. Natural Yellow diamonds with a rich, pure yellow colour are the world’s most valuable yellow gem due to their brightness, fire, and exceptional lustre. Why not recreate your marriage proposal, and offer your beloved an updated custom made engagement ring with one of these stunning gems! View our Diamond Guide to learn more about the characteristics that determine diamond quality and price.

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