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Twenty-third Wedding Anniversary

23rd Anniversary Gifts: Silver, Imperial Topaz and Sapphire

You’re closing in on a quarter-century of marriage, and you’ve been through highs, lows, and everything in between during your time together. In short, 23 years of wedded bliss is worth celebrating. Both the traditional and modern theme for the 23rd anniversary is silver plate and the colour for this anniversary is silver. Imperial Topaz and Sapphire are the gems associated with this anniversary.

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Silver jewellery may be a more appealing gift option than silverware. Especially if the thought of regularly polishing silverware fills you with dread! This white lustrous metal is the most popular choice for jewellery because of its affordability and versatility. Silver jewellery works with just about any personal style and fashion, for special occasions or everyday wear. When cared for properly, quality silver jewellery items can last for a very long time and be handed down to future generations. If you are looking for a special anniversary gift, view our unique silver jewellery collections.

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Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz is the gem associated with the twenty-third wedding anniversary. In the 19th century Russia, Imperial topaz was valued so highly that only the royal family was allowed to own it. Its colour ranges from pinkish yellow to orangey red. Legend has it that topaz worn above the heart guaranteed long life, beauty, and intelligence, and as such, it is a lovely gift to mark the twenty-third anniversary.

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Sapphire is the alternate gem for the 23rd anniversary and with so many colours to choose from and so many different price points, there is sapphire jewellery to suit everyone. Keep with the silvery theme and choose sapphire jewellery in platinum or white gold.

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