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Thirtieth Wedding Anniversary

30th Anniversary Gifts – (Pearl Jubilee): Pearl or Diamond

Three decades have seen so many changes in your life together. The thirtieth anniversary is a wonderful occasion for couples to mark the life they share together and the future ahead.

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Symbolising purity, charity, honesty, wisdom and integrity, pearls define the best human qualities. The beauty of a pearl takes time to form, endurance and strength to grow. Pearls are a reminder of the true value in the shared experience of a lifelong love and that real beauty comes from within. Cultured pearl jewellery is a fitting gift to express your union. A string of pearls is the perfect choice to wow your spouse. Call to our shop to browse our full collection. View our Pearl Guide to learn more about the characteristics that determine pearl quality and price.

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In three decades of marriage, you’ve built up some wonderful memories. What better way to celebrate this significant milestone than diamonds. A diamond, the hardest mineral on earth, forms under intense temperature and pressure miles below the earth’s surface. The story of the diamond is like your marriage: it’s a precious thing that is shaped by unique conditions and stands the test of time. An unchanging symbol of love and commitment. View our Diamond Guide to learn more about the characteristics that determine diamond quality and price.

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